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Voodoo Tour

Our Voodoo Tour which is an all encompassing tour of both Voodoo and French Quarter history, this begins at Washington Artillery Park, next to the world famous Cafe Du Monde and overlooking America's first super highway, The Mississippi River.

We will learn all about Jackson Square, the St. Louis Cathedral, French and Spanish History, The Pontalba Buildings as well as Pirates Alley, Royal Street and beyond.

Along our journey we will peer into the city's long and eclectic culture, striking architecture and storied residents.
A fun journey filled with surprises and revelations around every corner, the tour begins at 10 am and ends around 1 pm.

And now,What is Africa to You?
When You think of Africa, do You first envision Tripoli or Imhotep? Or is it Capetown? The Congo, perhaps?

Do You enjoy making associations?

if so, let's keep going . . .

Let's examine the notion of associating color and religion with place.

Would You agree with this map? If You could, how would You label the areas in white? 

Now, let's try some symbols.
The Spirit Of New Orleans
In This Video, Envision The Sun As Our Subject, The Planets As Insightful Corollaries, And Movement In A Given Direction As Your Ever Expanding Consciousness
Garden District Tour
*Please Note: Paying Now And Reserving Seats On The Tour Are Two Separate Actions
Here, we have some birds that have become symbolic. Would You associate any of them with patriotism or faith?
What are Your thoughts on timelessness?
Have You considered the Quantum Mystery of Entanglement?
If You would like to continue thinking in this manner, then You may enjoy this tour. For it is an examination of place, color, symbols and faith. 
It will also be a story about resistance, as well as acceptance, that has been ongoing for the last three centuries, here,
New Orleans.
$45 per participant
 please email:

This tour can be at times both graphic and sexually explicit.