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       Go Fish!

Presently, there are over 650,000 restaurants in the United States: and every day, we spend two billion dollars eating in them. And more and more, we enjoy celebrating most of our life's special occasions over meals served to us by waiters at tables in restaurants.

How did this come to pass? 

Racontours is pleased to present:
 A History of Fine Dining and Restaurants

This seven course meal is complete with wine pairings. It will also include, but not limited to, an understanding of everything in the dining room. From table cloths and place settings such as forks, knives and stemware; to menus and dining finesse. We will discuss the development of restaurants themselves, as well as chefs, kitchens, approaches to service and the art of conversation, philosophy, politicking, warfare and etiquette. 

We will learn dining terminology, dispel common misconceptions, and the origins of various foods, preparation and storage. We will tell tales of legendary diners and famous meals throughout thousands of years, as well as make some new ones along the way, in this delicious romp through the ages of eating, and our attempts to eat better than we did yesterday!

If You would be interested in discovering why you eat as you do, we would relish entertaining you with stories as answers!

$280 per person, which is an all inclusive price. There is a minimum of two, and a maximum of nineteen participants allowed for this experience. A dress code of business casual is enforced, please write to us for specifics. And reservations are required to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Inquiries write to: