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On an iron perch, within the cloud bank of the Southern sky, rests Our winged chariot to the other side.

And one bright morning, when this life is over, We'll fly away!
Life in the Second Line
Warped  by the in and out of time
I move along with the ebb and flow
Happy with my neighbors
Toe to Toe
Fighting to stay but prepared to go
If I used all of my collective powers of thought, recollection, and memory, and could manage to use all the technological advancements of the day, could I ever possibly hope to remember all the junk food I've ever eaten? Thank You Tania,  for every care-filled plate of love You set before me!
Let fame, that all hunt after in their lives, 
Live register'd upon our brazen tombs 
And then grace us in the disgrace of death; 
When, spite of cormorant devouring Time,
The endeavour of this present breath may buy
That honour which shall bate his scythe's keen edge,
And make us heirs of all eternity.
This image was taken in Central City on Clio Street. It is the gate for the parking garage for the building in which most of the editing is done for HBO's Treme and various other films.
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Dambala Takes Ayida To Brunch At Commander's Palace
The Bawan Play Limbo With The Nimbo!
Hell Hath No Fury Like Ezlil's Jury!
Crescent City Crossroads                           -or-                                                  Gateway To The Gatekeeper
I was kicking the soccer ball around with my girlfriend Tania's little sister Grace, when I captured this image of the ball in the air. The name of the park is The Fly and is often overlooked by most visitors to the city. The Fly is tucked in between the back of the                          , which is amazing in and of itself, and the Mississippi River. This park is a great place to picnic, grill and watch the ships pass by. There is also a paved bike highway on top of the levee extending West out of the park that I've been told, runs all the way to Baton Rouge as well as Audubon Park which also has a two and a half mile bike/ rollerblade/ walk/ run path around a public golf course with wetlands for bird feeding and photographic opportunities so, this would be an exceptional recreation experience during Your time here, check out this Uptown gem which is accessible by either the St. Charles Streetcar or the Magazine Street( the same street that runs behind the WWII Museum) bus line.   
Thanks Oshun! Peanut Lives!
When the idea first came to ride through and record some of the areas where I'll take You, as an enticement to come and join me in this amazing place, I hadn't given any thought to what such a recording would sound like and after watching some of the initial attempts I became aware of the need for something audible. To remedy this, I brought along a little digital radio and on my very first run through the Garden District, at the precise moment that I began to record, this song was played by                 . If You are unfamiliar with this tune, it is practically the National Anthem for The Cult of the Lost Cause, which are believers that The South(a.k.a. The Confederate States of America) will rise up once again and sever it's ties with the rest of the U.S. As ironic as the timing and placement of this footage is(this community and especially this cemetery, are practically Ground Zero or the epicenter of this cult) it is even more to me because the song and film end where there is a stop sign topped with a one way marker pointing South to the home where Jefferson Davis(the first and only President of The Confederacy) drew his last breath on this earth!
On most every tour that I've given, I refer to the One Drop Law and talked about it's significance and impact on our culture and the plethora of ironies that have their origins in this quirky attempt to quantify Your heritage. I was out in the Marigny the other night and had the opportunity to catch this moving little skit that in my opinion, accurately sums up how people affected by this law have fared under its enforcement. I hope You enjoy it!
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