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This page is dedicated to thoughtful updates and mindful commentary about Bourbon Street and its environs. 
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Thirty years ago, on the morning of September Eleventh, Nineteen and Eighty Seven, Saint Pope John Paul the Second, who oddly enough happened to be the second Pope to ever use two names (and was also known as "The Great") would arrive in New Orleans aboard what is often dubbed, "Shepard One," by Americans or, "the Papal flight" internationally, in Kenner, Louisiana; which is a community that lies just outside of New Orleans with a long German history. The word Kenner, is the word for knowledge, in German, which we hope to gain, by reading on. According to CRUXNow.com, a site dedicated to reporting on Catholic issues and history, the Pope does not now, nor ever has owned a plane, but rather flies on readily available commercial flights, organized in such a fashion ahead of time as to accommodate an entourage of about thirty people, in addition to an average of about seventy reporters. His visit to the region only lasted all of thirty six hours, and in that time he managed to give three meetings in The Super Dome to throngs of New Orleanians(Times-Picayune reporter, John Pope *irony notation,* estimates that there were One Hundred and Thirty Thousand), and visit the clergy packed Saint Louis Cathedral-Basilica(another Three Thousand), which is the oldest Cathedral in the United States of America, and situated upon a promenaded section of Chartres Street which was renamed Place Jean Paul Deux, in his honor.

Saint Pope John Paul Deux, the Great was born Karol Józef Wojtya. A name packed with insight, in so much that Karol means "Manly," in Polish, an attribute that he would be widely criticized for as Pope when he opposed the ordination of women and contraception. Józef(most likely a nod from his Jewish Mother, Emilia), means: "Jehova increases" in Hebrew; and lastly, my favorite: Wojtya, which translates to - War diet. I am not certain whether or not that it is good or bad, I suppose it could go either way but, what a name, huh? His nickname as a kid was, "freeman," or Lolek in Polish. These last two have fun implications when we consider that he may have had a hand in his predecessors untimely demise because they were both drinking the nectar of the gods from the same cup(a.k.a. Ambrosia,) at the time that Pope John Paul, the first (and the first Pope to use first *irony notation number two* - a.k.a. The September Pope among others, such as "Smiling" which is what he wasn't doing when he) was found dead in his bed only thirty three days after his election in Nineteen Seventy Eight and the fact that Wojtya's blood was stolen from a ski resort(or at least a Rock church from which "The Great," was known to enjoy skiing) in Abruzzo.

Here, we can see the Pope in The Super Dome or, as I like to say, "Super Dope!"

O.K., this took me longer to produce than I had imagined so, this'll have to be continued tomorrow!